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British Branding. Nautical Styling

Blakely Clothing Co

Our Story

Blakely Clothing started life back in 2010, with an idea of creating a new clothing brand that offered sophisticated yet casual attire. A few years on after blood, sweat and tears we’re proud to offer you Blakely Clothing Co. Our anchor lies on the British East Coast and our clothing style reflects this with nautical themes and British branding.

Aimed at the socially conscious, we want to encourage participation and involvement, so that Blakely clothing is as much about what we bring to you, as what you want to see on the Blakely clothing co site.

Why Blakely?

We are not a faceless global juggernaut but a British company concentrating our efforts here in good old Blighty, to bring you the best of British styling. The Blakely Clothing Co team are all clothing customers like you, and of late our wants and needs have been left feeling pretty neglected by clothing brands that claim to be representing young adults.

Here at Blakely Clothing we want to pick up from where other brands have let you down, we’ve all been there and harboured a hate when your kid sister/brother turns up wearing the same tee or hoodie as you. So if you’re feeling like you’ve out grown the existing market and are looking for something new – you need to get on board with Blakely.

There is a new buoyantly British wave coming Ė So donít say we didnít warn you.