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Blakely Co.

Our Story

We believe that you can feel different, better, because of what you're wearing. Our designs are here to inspire, update and enhance your lifestyle.

Blakely started life back in 2010, with an idea of creating a new clothing brand that offered sophisticated yet casual attire. A few years on after blood, sweat and tears we’re proud to offer you Blakely Clothing Co.

Aimed at the socially conscious, we want to encourage participation and involvement, so that Blakely is as much about what we bring to you, as what you want to see on the our site. We firmly believe that we are the new generation of UK clothing, we believe we are the future. There is a Blakely shaped wave coming, don't say we didnt warn you.

Why Blakely?

We are not here just to make up the numbers, nor are we a faceless global juggernaut, our belief is that we are here to challenge the status quo, to think and dress differently, sharper. We are here to change the clothing landscape, we are on the pursuit of making the best products imaginable.

Our team puts in endless hours concentrating on the detail so that you can ultimately feel and look incredible. Thank you for supporting us along our journey. Now go and nail your look...choose Blakely.

If you need a hand with anything please don't hesitate to drop us an email, We have an in-house sizing specalist, who is here for you, so if you are at all unsure please just shout. 

There is a new buoyantly British wave coming Ė So donít say we didnít warn you.